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Currently Seeking Distribution Partners for completed and funded productions

Producing on budgets of
$250K - $25M


Conspiracy Thriller Series (2012 -2015)

Release 2021

In Development

Psychological Art Film (2010 -2015)

Release 2020


Sci-Fi Parody Spoof (2012 -2016)

Release 2020



“Moment of Impact” is a story of emotional loss and ultimate redemption. Kody Wilder is a 17-year-old troubled Caucasian youth, having never known his parents and forced to live with Art Hodencamp, an abusive foster father in a lower-middle-income home in Van Nuys, CA. During a drunken rage, Art fights with Kody, but the boy manages to escape and steals Art’s pickup truck. This sets him on a rendezvous with Noah Summers, a 17-year-old Black youth who lives a privileged existence with his dysfunctional family in tony Beverly Hills, CA. As Noah is driving home from a High School function, he is T-boned by Kody and killed instantly. Kody is hospitalized with near-fatal injuries. After a lengthy police investigation, Kody is legally exonerated. However, the judge refuses to allow Kody to return to Art’s home until a full inquiry from California Social Services can determine if allegations of child abuse are confirmed.

Noah’s grieving mother, Caroline Summers, proposes the unthinkable. She offers to
take Kody in until Social Services can conduct their probe of child abuse. Strongly
objecting to this accommodation are Caroline’s adulterous husband Jackson and her
scheming 18-year-old daughter Sarah. Caroline’s mother, Michelle McHalls, is initially
ambivalent about the arrangement but soon warms to the idea. She is the only one who knows Caroline’s secret...that she has 4th stage liver cancer and only months to live.

Kody enters the Summers’ home and experiences racial and sexual tension; bigotry,
temptation and deceit. But, as the weeks go by, Kody’s love for Caroline grows, as she becomes the mother he never had. Subconsciously, Caroline wants Kody to assume Noah’s life goals, setting the child on a course that will eventually surprise even him. 

Budget:  $6M
Funding Source: Equity Investors 
Funding Status:  In Place
Talent Attachments:  Soliciting
Distribution: Seeking
Shooting Location: LA/Dubai
Production Start: Feb 2021
Primary Market: Theatrical
Secondary Market: Subscription Cable, TVOD, SVOD
Executive Producer -  STEVEN FAWCETT
Executive Producer -  ANGELIQUE FAWCETT
Executive Producer - BUSTER PETER
Executive Producer - PAUL LISAK
Creative Producer - RALPH MICHAEL BREKAN
Screenwriter  -  STEVEN FAWCETT, WGA

Finn wakes up from horrible nightmares. Nightmares he doesn't realize are caused by NSA biotech implanted in his brain. ​Finn believes his nightmares and hallucinations are caused by his battlefield memories, but he really Finn went “decentered;” the term NSA uses for human drones that go offline. Doing his daily routine before work,  adjusting to his new position at the editorial office as a film review critic.He quit his old job as showrunner for a reality tv show.  Finn gets odd flyers in his mailbox inviting him to a nightclub called "Loveless".  Finn and his sister Francis are shopping around the grocery store, and when Francis takes off, a woman named Nora approaches Finn.Nora is Finn's ex-girlfriend, and Finn doesn't seem thrilled to see her.  Finn avoids talking with her.  Later that night, Finn is having a few drinks at the Filmbar with Iggy and Vincent again and happens to hear the news on the television about a series of deadly shootings happening around town. and all of a sudden Finn feels as if he may have something to do with the mass shootings. Later that night, Finn decides to go to the mystery bar Loveless, and see why someone wants him to go there, what the place is about. Finn doesn't notice anything odd about the place until he sees a shady looking man sitting by himself near the bar area. While in the restroom, the shady man starts shooting up the place and kills everyone in the nightclub except Finn. Finn gets a flashback from the war and recognizes the gunman as a former soldier from his past, and then when he says something to the gunman, he gets terrified of Finn and kills himself in front of Finn.

Slowly Finn actualizes his reality as a human drone. Wrangled into revolution through programmed events, Finn Renfro battles to divest himself from military life, and government control. Witness the struggle over national security, the exploitation of mental illness, and a veteran who's curiosity could foil it all. Decentered is a peek behind the veil of a shadow government as it watches Americans through the eyes of a former combat soldier. 

Budget:  $5M
Funding Source: Debt Funded
Funding Status:  Seeking
Talent Attachments:  Soliciting
Distribution: Seeking
Shooting Location: LA
Production Start: 2021
Primary Market: Network Television
Secondary Market: Subscription Cable, TVOD, SVOD
Executive Producer - RALPH MICHAEL BREKAN
Executive Producer -  STEVEN FAWCETT
Associate Producer - PHOENIX DAVID CONRAD
Composer - ADAM BARBER

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