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Stevie has a band, a plan, and a van. And he uses them all for one thing. "To get stoned, man!"  But that weed costs money, so they got to jam gigs and side hustles to earn cash and chase pipe dreams to stardom.

As Stevie tells the groupies, "Yo, ladies, before you get in the van, it's ass, cash or grass... no one rides for free.



Every act has got their time and every star has his day. But some guys don't know when to quit.  Meet Hotcock Superjock, the worlds gayest porn star. 

Although, he refuses to accept 'he's not a twinky anymore,' Hotcock is doing everything (and anybody) to stay on top. Even if that means he's got to take it in the bottom. 


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This is where it all began!  Artorama Studios teamed up with local Arizona parody rapper 'Hotrock Supajoint' to create a web series based on his live character.

Watch Hotrock Supajoint, the world's fakest rapper as he pursues his one ambition in life, "To get high, yo!"


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