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Best for clients who need a certain number of videos each month for their online content needs.

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A video retainer is an agreement between your business and Artorama Studios that allows you access to our billable hours for a set period of time at a discounted rate. In simple terms, you pay us to act as your in-house creative video department for a set period of time and for predetermined hours or a predetermined number of videos. A video retainer gives you first rights to a wide range of professional creative video services we offer without the overhead associated with a permanent employee on your end. Our goal with a retainer is to have an agreement that’s good for both parties and if it’s not good for both, it’s not good for either.

Benefits of Video Production Retainers for Marketing


Video marketing, like all digital marketing, is about people. It’s about connecting with people in a way that is honest, genuine, and relevant – connecting in a way that can be trusted. Successful businesses achieve this by fostering the same connections within their teams and strategic partnerships.


This one is simple: buying in bulk saves you time and money. Video production is no different from the rest of your marketing collateral. With the right strategy and creativity, a top-notch video marketing agency will find efficiencies to give you more bang for your buck.


A video production retainer also allows your business to harness the capabilities of an “in-house” video production team and optimize content-driven communications to key stakeholders. Working with the same video production team provides consistency, reliability, and most of all centralized access to your final video assets.


Your video marketing agency will develop valuable insight over the course of your video production retainer and use this knowledge to continually refine your video content and campaigns. Similarly, your business will gain an understanding of your agency’s video production capabilities to better align future marketing opportunities.

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